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Hey everyone, here’s the article I promised you. I found some really great cooking gear, not to mention cute, from Williams Sonoma. We have everything from sandwich cutters to tiered cakelet molds, and Star Wars themed cookie cutters.


1. Williams Sonoma Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter and Box

                         This is really great for kids, it’s not only super adorable but it has a lot of other great things about it as well. It’s made of stainless steel, and it has the green cushion on top so the cutter won’t press into your fingers, and it’s made so you can use as most of the sandwich as possible. I love this, and it’s a steal for only $9.95! Williams Sonoma also carries this in a heart, star, and apple mold.

2. Williams Sonoma Non-stick Rolling Mat

Seriously, how come noone told me about this before? The name says it all, and for us bakers, we all know how frustratingly annoying it is when your dough starts to stick to the mat. This is why the non-stick rolling mat is so great. It’s a bit pricy for $50.00 but you’ll be using it constantly. The non-stick silicone surface allows optimal control, and it’s pretty big so it’ll be easy to accomadate large batches.

3. Williams Sonoma Message-in-a-Cookie Cutter

                  This is a super handy item when you want to make your cookies just a bit more special for events such as birthdays, thank-yous, and more. You can use the pre-made messages or customize your own by sliding in each individular letter. This set comes with 3 cookie cutters, seven premade words, three sets of alphabet letters, and a mesh bag for easy cleaning and storing. It’s also a superb buy at only $19.95!

4. Williams Sonoma Star Wars Cookie Cutters

May the force be with you (while making these awesome cookies). If you’re a fan of Star Wars, what more can I say? These are simple and easy to use, work efficient and great, make great presss, and feature YODA (the best Star Wars character ever, in my opinion anyways). They’re a bit expensive for $20.00, I’d like to see them at maybe around $15.00. But, they are new items. My advice: Wait to get these, unless you really LOVE Star Wars.

5. Williams Sonoma Mini Tiered Cakelet Pan

One of the most elaborate molds I’ve ever seen. The cakelets are superb-they would be great at tea parties. The finish allows the cakelet to pop out easily without sticking, and it’s made of durable cast-aluminum so the mold will press on crisp and sharp. This is $36.00 and totally worth it-a very elaborate mold and the cakelets will surely be a hit at your next gathering!


I hope you enjoyed this article. All of these items can be found on

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